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Volunteer Opportunities

Mission Trip Volunteers-  The opportunity is for teams from our church to partner with  Guatemalan churches, schools, other groups, and Living Waters for the World so that the compassion and transforming love of Jesus Christ might be demonstrated in all that we do. We are always looking for team members who are willing to serve by traveling to Guatemala, breaking away from familiar places and routines to see new connections and make lasting friendships with each other.

  • Installers- We need people who are interested in learning how to install a water filtration system so they can work as part of a team with our partners in Guatemala.  Training will be provided at FVPC during the year.

  • Teachers- We need people who are interested in providing health training to adults and children at our sites in Guatemala. We have strong curriculum materials and training available at FVPC.

The El Shaddai teacher shres lessons with her students on Saturday morning.

            We Need Support at Home

 –  You can give your support to this mission by attending fund raising activities and special presentations, donating items needed by our partners, preparing teaching materials, providing transportation, and keeping team members and partners in your prayers.

The Living Waters Committee at Fox Valley Presbyterian Church invites you to explore the opportunities described here, to open your hearts and answer the call.

Closing the day in prayer. 

  • Fundraisers
  1. Rummage sale
  2. Golf Outing
  3. Donations
  • Prayer Partners
  • Other Possibilities
  1.  Transportation- Driving to and from O’Hare International Airport