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Fox Valley Presbyterian Church partners with Living Waters for the World, a global mission resource of the Synod of Living Waters (Presbyterian Church USA). Living Waters for the World is a Christian ministry that provides sustainable clean water, fostering long-term, mutually beneficial, relationships between volunteers and communities in need.

Mission Trips planned for 2013-14 will enable us as representatives of Fox Valley Presbyterian Church to live with and learn from our brothers and sisters in Guatemala. We share their struggles to obtain clean drinking water to improve the lives and health of children and adults—something which we in the United States take for granted.

The opportunity is for teams from our church to partner with Guatemalan churches, schools and other groups and Living Waters for the World so that the compassion and transforming love of Jesus Christ might be demonstrated in all that we do. Our team members, in the process of serving and breaking away from familiar places and routines see new connections and make lasting friendships with each other.

The Living Waters Committee at Fox Valley Presbyterian Church invites you to explore the opportunities described here, to open your heart and answer the call.